Saturday, November 29, 2008

What I'm thankful for...

This Thanksgiving, after the turkey had settled and the shopping commenced, I realized I have a lot to be thankful for right now. Below is the top five, narrowed down after much deliberation...

5. I'm thankful for employment. I know this may seem silly, but in this crap economy, working for a non-profit organization (who sells real estate, at that) is not the most secure job in the world.

4. I'm thankful to be a fan of Wofford Football...they are a hard-working team and deserve kudos for a season well-played. Thank you, coaches and team, for making it a season worth cheering for.

3. I'm thankful for leftovers from a wonderful Thanksgiving meal and thankful for the family with which we shared it.

2. I'm thankful to have such a good kid. It doesn't hurt that he is cute as pie and sweet as sugar.

1. I'm thankful to have a great hubby. Wow, what a lucky life I lead.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

His name is right there, just in case we forget

I have found that there is no mistaking our kid and his stuff. It is hard to do. Not only is he absolutely unforgettable (of course I would say that, I'm his mom), but his name is also on practically everything....spoons, dishes, sippy cups and bibs. So, in case we forget, we have a trusty label to remind us.

Speaking of sippy cups, JR has finally mastered the art of drinking from a sippy cup. He is so proud about his feat that he chatters about it while at the dinner table and is hard pressed to let go of the cup....sipping even though he isn't thirsty. He sips because he can. And he is so very happy about it.He's recently warmed up to bananas, too. We can now officially say that he eats everything...
And now to the new toofuses. We are excited to announce that teeth grow in pairs. Yes, JR has two new teeth coming in on top. Four teeth for tackling corn on the cob! With the new teeth, though, JR has decided he is a big boy and has effectively given up the booby juice. This obviously bothers me more than it bothers him...I guess it is just not the hip thing to do anymore! Don't worry...he's definitely not starving, what with the 23 pounds he is carrying around, not to mention his size 4 1/2 double wide feet.

The Parrish family has kept busy the last week or so...filling our days with tailgating, cheering for Trust intern Patrick, football wins and upcoming playoff games (go Terriers--beat JMU!), rashy viruses, celebrating birthdays (Happy Birthday GANCE!), preparing for a Thanksgiving feast at Emme's house, and a LONG weekend-yay!
So in case we don't post, have a happy turkey day everybody! Enjoy your feast wherever you are and be thankful....I know I am.

Friday, November 21, 2008


One team stands in the way of the T-dogs' spot in the playoffs.....LET'S GO WOFFORD! BEAT FURMAN!

Rupert the bear

J.R. has been enjoying the company of his bear, Rupert, and we wanted to share some pictures...

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Cousin fun

JR and cousin Abby had a big time this weekend....

Hey, that's my cup!


A hello pat on the head

Monday, November 10, 2008

Blaming the dog, the dsl, and everything else

Ok, ok, I know it has been a while. Before I start making excuses for my lack of blog-prowess, I'll just come out with what has really been happening! Top ten highlights are:

1. Went to the beach for Adam Brannon's 30th birthday. Had a blast; did some shopping; played putt-putt; drank wine; watched Wofford get killed on t.v.; played with our kid in the nicest beach house ever. EVER. Figured out that yelling (even if at a football game on tv) really upsets our child.

What's all that yelling for?

2. Visited with Mark, Erika, and McLain Roberts on our way back from the beach. Miss the Marion, SC family so much and can't wait to meet Baby Roberts!

3. Rocked the vote on Tuesday. JR was especially excited to wear his blue turtleneck in support of our favorite candidate. The polling ladies were excited to see such a politically-minded and socially conscience little boy, and I was excited that voting only took me ten minutes.

4. Watched JR go from crawling to pulling up and standing on just about anything in just under one week.

5. Saw Noises Off at the Chapman Cultural Center. By far the best play I have ever seen. Brought tears to my eyes and deep, rolling laughter from my lungs. Yay for date nights!

6. Took both Polk and Sadie to the vet....realized there is no spending money left for the month after the trip. So much for starting my Christmas shopping early.

7. Cheered on our Terriers...for the first half, at least, on Saturday! Congrats to those T-dogs for the 10th straight victory against the Citadel.

8. Visited with family friends Judy and Ron, up from is so wonderful to spend time with them!

9. Napped on Sunday afternoon. Enough said.

10. Realized JR must have another tooth coming in somewhere, what with all the drool and chewing and such. Just can't seem to figure out where that toofus will be!

So, there it is...the nutshell for the delay. No worries, I'll post more photos soon. My to-do list is full, but "download pictures" is on there somewhere....