Monday, March 16, 2009

Hanging out

Happy Monday, everyone!

Friday, March 13, 2009

March Happenings

February was a blur, and March is escaping almost as quickly. So before the month completely gets away from me, I wanted to share some recent stories and happenings...

JR got to visit with his favorite girlfriend, Ava Grace Perry at his favorite lunch spot...Nu Way! Ava Grace is getting prettier every day and is such a big girl now!

JR has been practicing feeding himself with a spoon the last week or so...what a mess! He is also pointing at everything, which makes it a little easier to understand what he wants.Now listen, spoon, you do what I say, ok?

I'm starving!

I got this!

Remsen and I took a much-needed trip alone to Chattanooga for the Southern Conference Basketball Tournament. Our Wofford Terriers were defeated in the first round, but we stuck around to watch the other games (specifically Davidson and junior standout Stephan Curry). We had a blast stopping in Atlanta on the way to see Adam and Kent, and enjoyed Chattanooga...below are some pictures.

JR has yet to start walking, but recently got himself some PURTY shoes, thanks to Gance and Poppy and their shopping endeavors...finding wide shoes is hard business! JR is also not much of a talker, but knows how to use a telephone, and plays like crazy. He still loves music and dances by bobbing his head all around. He is a big clapper...a very happy baby overall!
In other news, we are very thankful that Remsen's mom Meredith (JR's Emme) will be having much needed surgery next week to repair a hernia and remove her gallbladder. We know this is a hard surgery to endure and are so proud of her strength to tackle it and get healthy!
We will post some pictures on Sunday after our BIG trip to the Biltmore with Gance and Poppy! So exciting!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Blizzard 2009

Ok, so it wasn't a blizzard, but the five inches of snow certainly made for a winter wonderland in March!