Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Edisto 2010 Part 2: I want Abby!

At home, JR is forever asking to see pictures and video clips of his cousin, Abby. Not only are they close in age (6 weeks apart), but they also understand each other and can spend forever babbling and laughing together here at the beach. They pretend to go night-night, they play in the sand together, drink juiceboxes, eat snacks and have singing contests on the beach house porch. And this is just the beginning....to think that they will grow up together (and grow up faster than we want) is amazing and exciting.
Cousins forever!

Edisto 2010, Part 1

Cousin fun

Football preview magazines with Daddy

Whoa, DaDa, whoa!

The Palmetto Peach

On Sunday, we made it to Edisto, and to the Palmetto Peach (a house that is not peach in color but turquoise blue...go figure!). Upon arrival we discover that the A/C unit is leaking and pouring water into the house (as JR says, "Oh no, wain mama, in da house!"). We quickly discover that the brand new unit, installed earlier that day, had some issues, so the repariman came back Sunday evening (and then again Tuesday evening) to fix it. The house has been quite an adventure, experiencing brown outs and broken washing machine, shower faucet, and screen door. It pays to be handy on vacation; we finally got things working! Peachy keen!
The Parrish cousins arrived on Monday at lunch, and we have been having a blast together so far, and it has been so much fun having our nieces, Abby and Mackenzie, around. JR is so funny with them--he is much more silly and social, and he has picked up lots of new words hanging out with his cousins.

And of course there has been swimming....lots of swimming, and sandcastles, and jumping waves, and playing with toys (the kids), and margaritas (adults only, of course), and yummy seafood, snacks, reading sports magazines on the beach, sunshine and a little rain.
More updates and photos to come!

Charleston Trip 2010

We started our family vacation in Charleston and went to the James Island County water park, hit downtown Charleston for shopping and oysters, and found ourselves at a Charleston Riverdogs game (against the Greenville Drive)! Before we headed to Edisto, we spent Sunday morning at Isle of Palms.

Below are some great shots from our pre-beach weekend adventure.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Mackenzie's Birthday Celebration!

Our niece, Mackenzie, just turned 6 and we were very excited to celebrate with her in Augusta, Georgia last weekend. It was a super pool party, with cupcakes, presents and an almost indestructable pinata!

Above: Abby and the cupcake

Below: Blades of grass beneath JR's toes

Mackenzie gets a boost from her dad, Clayton

JR and Remsen hanging out below the float!