Friday, December 26, 2008

Uh-ohs, toilet paper, and the great Christmas celebration!

Whew. We have had a very busy holiday week here at the Parrish home. First and foremost, JR has mastered the phrase "uh-oh" and uses it all the time...when he falls down, when toys make a loud noise, and when things drop on the floor (or before he drops something on the ground)! He is also known to repeat it over and over again...just because he can. He is on the verge of lots of other words and seems genuinely interested in trying to say new sounds and phrases. So far, "dada" and "didi"are under his belt, as is "ba-ba" for bottle. He is getting the hang of "bu-bu" for bye-bye, says "heeeey" for hello, waves and claps.

JR has also discovered his love for, albeit not conservation-minded at all, unrolling toilet paper. He had a field day with it, causing quite the ruckus in his bathroom. He delighted in spinning the paper at first, and then realized the magical tp comes off in vast amounts and can be pulled and eaten and draped and dragged. Lucky for us the camera was close by and caught most of his devilish toilet paper caper.

And on to Christmas. What a special first Christmas it was! We discovered that not only does JR love all of the presents from family and friends, but he also LOVES the bows and ribbons that adorned the packages! He had so much fun! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Parrish Cousins' Christmas

Cousins' Christmas in Easley

Last weekend we celebrated Christmas with Remsen's cousins, mom, aunt, and grandmother. A fun time was had by all...some photos are below:

Mackenzie and Abby JR in the holiday spirit
Ella and Groves

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Christmas on its way!

We finally feel like Christmas is upon us! We bought our Christmas tree today, and let JR do the picking. Of course, procrastinating the task meant slim pickins in the Christmas tree lot, so it made his choice pretty easy. After getting the tree, JR posed for some pictures at Gance and Poppy's we will be sending out with our annual Christmas card.

Tomorrow we head to Easley to celebrate the Parrish Cousins Christmas! JR is very excited to see his see his cousins ( cousins Mackenzie and Abby and Groves and Ella, second cousins), his great aunt Stella, Emme, and Nena.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

JR hearts the Hipps

This past weekend, JR met his Uncle Aaron and Aunt Pam for the first time:

This guy makes silly faces just like me!