Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Thank you Imagination Library!

JR is lucky to be receiving a book every month, thanks to the Imagination Library program. His second book arrived last week (first book: The Little Engine That Could), and we have been busy reading ever since! It is never too early to read to a child, even if he has more interest in eating the book.

From the Spartanburg County First Steps website:

Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library is a free book distribution program for all children 0 – 5 in Spartanburg and Union counties sponsored by United Way of the Piedmont and Spartanburg County First Steps. Each month a new, carefully selected book is mailed in your child’s name directly to your home until he/she turns five year old. Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library is a FREE GIFT to the children! All you have to do is read to your child! For more information visit http://www.uwpiedmont.org/imaginationlibrary.php or http://www.imaginationlibrary.com/ for other participating areas and programs.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

National Park(ing) Day is TODAY! Hooray!

Spartanburg to be 2nd SC City to Participate in National Park(ing) Day September 19

SPARTANBURG – The number of downtown parks in America will increase dramatically this September.

Friday, September 19, 2008 is National Park(ing) Day, and public parking spots nationwide will become temporary public parks. The project is sponsored by The Trust for Public Land (TPL), a national conservation nonprofit.

National Park(ing) Day is an annual event celebrating parks by creating temporary parks in public parking spaces. The goals, according to organizers, are to celebrate parks and promote the need for more parks in America’s cities.
Supporters in cities nationwide, including New York, Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Minneapolis, Washington D.C, Seattle, San Francisco, and Los Angeles, have announced participation.

Spartanburg will join these cities, as the second municipality in South Carolina to participate in Park(ing) Day. In downtown Spartanburg, organizers will put together a uniquely landscaped Park(ing) park located adjacent to 127 East Main Street, near the corner of Church and Main Streets, from 11:30 – 1:30pm. The mini-park will provide downtown employees and visitors with a workday break. Seating, potted plants, and music will create a relaxing atmosphere for all. Story time will occur for anyone wishing to listen at 12:30pm.

“Only .0007% of Spartanburg County is open space and public lands. Access to open space is a vital component for our community’s quality of life,” said Cate Ryba, one of the event organizers and a city resident. “We want to help raise awareness of the issue, and add to the efforts of many organizations already working towards more open space and parkland in Spartanburg.”

Spartanburg area organizers hope that the event will grow, enticing neighboring cities to participate next year.

“I am excited about the momentum and energy in downtown Spartanburg,” said Laura Ringo, an organizer and resident of the downtown neighborhood Hampton Heights. “As part of the revitalization, I feel that it is important to remember that open space is a key factor for a thriving downtown. Park(ing) Day is a great way to remind our community and its leaders of this.”

Photos from other cities during last year’s event, as well as a full list of cities with maps and details is available online at www.tpl.org/parkingday.

In 2007, National Park(ing) Day spawned more than 200 new parks in more than fifty cities nationwide and around the world. See coverage from CNN.

Park(ing) Day Spartanburg is organized by a group of city residents interested in a variety of endeavors to enhance the quality of life in our city; these interests include Arts, Education, Historic Preservation, Economic Development, Active Living, Local Farming, Early Childhood Development and Tourism.

Happy Thursday

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Budding musician!

We would not be shocked at all if JR ends up interested in music when he's older. He loves songs, trying to figure out the small cd player in his room. We are lucky to have two grandmothers, BOTH with pianos--JR bangs on the keys and looks up to make sure everyone is watching.

He freezes in awe every time Remsen picks up the guitar to play and is now trying to play the guitar himself...

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Friday, September 5, 2008

All I want for Friday is my two front teeth

It's official. Our kid has chompers. Short of putting the camera directly in his mouth to photograph the toofuses, you will have to accept the picture below, which captures a glimmer of the dental wonders under his tongue.
Lucky me, he isn't biting...yet.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Different baby post indeed

I normally blog about my human baby, but I thought I would share another kind of baby we found in the wilderness that is our backyard last night. You've seen posts about snakes, coons, and bunnies....time to give some love to our friend the opossum. That's right, folks, we have ourselves a gen-u-ine baby marsupial in all its ugly and awkward glory. My guess is baby opossum is residing with mommy and daddy opossum somewhere under our back deck (as this is not our first opossum spotting in five years). Last night, however, baby opossum ventured out and climbed up one of our fruit trees in the backyard, and Remsen shot a picture of him perched on the tree limb.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Labor Day Weekend happenings

Labor Day Weekend= No work and all play!
JR turned 7 months old on Saturday....we went shopping with Gance for new fall clothes and I took him to his first football game (Wofford v. PC--Go Terriers!) while Remsen was in Atlanta for the Clemson game (no, we don't want to talk about that one).
JR had a great time lounging in the grassy hill of the Verandah Lot, jumping every time the crowd let out a loud cheer. We lasted until halftime, but the Terriers were up and I knew they had the game in the bag. JR knew it, too, as visions of football danced in his head...

Sunday was a lazy day, lounging around and noticing a second tooth poking its way into his mouth! He is turning into such a big boy so fast!

Monday we went swimming in the pool at Emme's house and went to a cookout that night at Gance and Poppy's!