Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Surviving the NYC

The Parrish fam set off on the most spontaneous trip to date....NYC for Valentine's Weekend with a one year old.

And it was a success. JR not only earned his wings (no joke, Continental gives tiny wings to babies--what choking hazard?!), but he also loved the long strolls throughout the big apple, made especially long because Mommy didn't have her navigation hat on straight...and Daddy's navigation hat does not exist....fahgetabioudit! Sure it was a wee but chilly, but LOVE in NYC makes us warm!
We hit all the kid-approved spots: giant Toys R Us at Times Square, FAO Schwartz, Rockafeller Center, and Children's Museum of Manhattan. Mid-day naps at the Sheraton were also enjoyed by all.

The most rewarding aspect of the trip was visiting with friends and family: Lucia and fiance Brian, and Aaron and Pam. It is so fabulous to connect with folks, get in some truly great bearhugs, and meaningful conversation.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

More from the First Birthday Celebration!

New ball!

Birthday bear!

New wagon!

Lots of fun gifts to open!

Rain boots!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Boy VS. Cake!

Well, our baby is on his way to becoming a little boy! He had his 1st birthday on Friday, got to visit with family, had a great birthday party and everything!

First, Aunt Karen and Uncle Mark came to visit from Seattle and the Parrish fam had a wonderful time with them! We had a great dinner at Gance and Poppy's where JR got an early birthday gift!

Shirtless, thanks to baby throw-up....don't ask.

PawPa and Grandmother Joan came to visit for the birthday weekend, too! What fun!

JR's birthday party was a blast and attended by Mommy and Daddy, Gance and Poppy, PawPa and Grandmother Joan, Emme, Uncle Stewart, Aunt Cheryl, and Nena! What a crowd! JR had a blast opening presents and eating his birthday cake! He also loved watching a picture slideshow that Daddy created on his ipod nano...
Will post more birthday pictures tomorrow!