Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Monster bash...Wetter style

We attended a fab party on Saturday night, courtesy of friends Derek and Susan Wetter. Can you guess who Remsen is dressed as? Hey-O! By the beard of Zeus! It is none other than everyone's favorite anchorman, Ron Burgandy. My costume is a bit more generic (but just as important to us Terriers): a Wofford football player. Former Offensive Lineman Brian Nash was kind enough to loan me his jersey for the occasion. And yes, I am wearing shoulder pads.
We loved Derek and Susan's creative costumes (they are the Ghostbusters on the left) and Sarah and Kevin (Al Gore with his Academy Award!).

Friday, October 19, 2007

Assembling a crib

Remsen and I put together the crib a few nights ago and wanted to share some pictures of the event! We were plesantly surprised that it took us less than an hour, and Polk right in the middle of everything...trying to be a helpful dog!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Boys will be boys

(Adam with his flounder)

This past weekend, I (Remsen) journeyed to Myrtle Beach to celebrate Avery Greenlee's bachelorhood for one last time before his wedding. Coordinated by Adam Brannon and attended by Travis Crocker (Bear), John Greenlee (Avery's brother), Tap Gresham, and Nolan (one of Avery's work associates) it was a great event that incorporated competition with debauchery. There were three teams and four events. The first event was fishing and won by Adam and Tap's team. The second event was supposed to be bowling, but bocce ball took its place with Avery, John, and Nolan's team coming out on top. Next was golf. Due to inefficient scoring brought on by the overwhelming joy of being alive after staying out to late the night before and Adam almost getting beat up by a midget, all three teams tied. The final event to decide it all...putt-putt. Avery, John, and Nolan eek out the victory, but it was not enough to win the competition. Taking home the WWE belts were Adam and Tap! Congrats guys, you won a cheap plastic toy belt...and yes, I am very jealous of it.

Monday, October 8, 2007

Three down, one to go...

Baby furniture...who knew it would be so easy? Remsen has added a new skill to his assembly. Not only did he make it look easy, but putting together the furniture for the nursery has taken no time at all. See the pictures below of the changing table, glider, and wardrobe.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

As of the belly

It's not much, but we promise there is a baby in there somewhere! Becca has only gained about 6 pounds so far and is 22 weeks today.

Monday, October 1, 2007

Fall Happenings

Football and music...who could ask for more?

First for the football...could Wofford be any better?? We don't think so! First, our beloved Terriers knock off App State on Saturday, September 22. A home game at Gibbs Stadium, we attended the game and never left our seats--what an exciting day!Note the scoreboard picture...not even the final score!(42-31)

Then, this past Saturday, Wofford traveled to Greenville (well, Travelers Rest) to take on the much-hyped Furman University. We didn't just beat the Paladins; we stomped them, 45-20. So why didn't Remsen and I attend this game.....?

Friday night we went to Greenville to celebrate Remsen's birthday (late, but this was his birthday present) in high musical fashion. We ate dinner at Sticky Fingers and then headed to the Bi-LO Center where we saw a CMT concert featuring Jake Owen, Little Big Town, and our personal favorite, Sugarland. As always, Jennifer Nettles was an incredible performer and fun was had by all.

Saturday morning we headed back over to Greenville--this time to buy and pick up a majority of the baby furniture for the nursery. How we were able to fit all of the boxes in the Rav-4 is still a mystery, and no, we have not begun assembling the furniture yet! We'll take pictures as we will be quite the project!
Also, we promise to post a picture of ourselves (and the growing belly) this week. The baby is just starting to put a dent in the belly!