Sunday, February 6, 2011

How many posts does it take to describe JR's birthday? That's right! 3!

The birthday boy's breakfast of choice: Krispy Kreme Donuts!
Aftermath of Krispy a sugar-filled, happy belly coma.

Look ma! Frosted fingers!

With PawPa and Grandmother happy they could be here to share the weekend!

Looking all dapper in Nana's gift!

More birthday pictures!!

JR's route to destruction!
Gina and Ava Grace watch as JR opens presents!

Cake time!

Cousin Mackenzie

Cousin Abby approves the cake as delicious!

JR 3.0

The Birthday Boy before guests arrived--very excited about his party!The house (before the party)...decorated up for the big celebration! The very chocolate, very blue cake....made by Cakehead Bakery to match the birthday boy's request!
In full swing...the dinner portion of JR's third birthday!

Opening presents with help from buddies Sam (at right) and Bolen (left).