Wednesday, September 1, 2010

CakeHead Bakeshop and the JR!

So, one of our favorite friends, Liz Blanchard, opened her very own bakery a few weeks ago in downtown Spartanburg.
Cakehead Bakeshop( is located in the old Masonic Temple building, sharing a space (and great energy) with The Coffee Bar (Little River Roasting) and the Hub City Bookstore. I could hang out in the space all day and never tire of the experience, the people, the sights and smells. It is divine.

The bakery offers muffins, scones, cakes, pies and best of all.... cupcakes. One of the cupcakes offered is called "The JR", named after our very own kiddo! The flavor (taken from the menu): The JR: devil’s food, peanut butter icing, chocolate ganache, and toasted peanuts.

Devil's food cake....sounds about right, right?

JR enjoys cupcakes from Cakehead Bakeshop!