Thursday, April 29, 2010

First haircut

JR went to get his first haircut at a salon today! Remsen's hairdresser, Kelly, did a great job and JR was a very good boy. He watched an Elmo video on Remsen's computer while I fed him fruit snacks.

We'll post the after picture tomorrow!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Like father, like son

We've got some rabid Tiger fans in our family. Clemson Tigers to be exact....this was proven on Saturday when we went to see the Clemson Spring Game in beautiful Clemson, SC. The weather was perfect for our trip, and Emme joined us and we had a blast!

JR got a special treat with a new purple Tiger paw foot ball ("buh-ball") and his first real ballcap. He loves his hat so much that he will not go outside to play without it! What a special day!
Happiest sports fan ever. Now if football season would just get here already!
Focusing on that Tiger offense. Go, go, go!

What do you think? I think orange might be my color, Mama.

Easter 2010

Oh what a wonderful Easter celebration we had with Nana, Poppy, and Emme! We hunted eggs and had a yummy lunch!

Easter bunny, easter bunny, bring me some eggs

Easter celebration was a blast and started with dying eggs (only slightly messy and dangerous).

Douglas and Jacksonville: Mommy and JR's Big Adventure

This is old news....Wofford made the big dance, and JR and I went to watch history...along with most of Spartanburg.
We had a wonderful trip and even though our Terriers lost in the final seconds, they played tough and can be proud of their performance. It was great to be a part of that.

Even better, we got to have a long weekend with PawPa and Grandmother Joan in Douglas, Georgia. This meant we ate good, slept good, played hard, and visited our favorite spots, including Danny's Pizza, Norris Shoes, the downtown fountain (where we made wishes), and the historical museum (which had a WHOLE train section). It was awesome!

Catching up, part I

I admit it. I've been slack on the pictures and stories. Believe me, it is not a lack of events, pictures, and stories to share....on the contrary, the Parrish fam has been very busy the past few weeks. I started my new job and am loving it (but have little time for fun things like blogging). Spring has ushered in lots of fun things, like Jazz on the Square with friends, walks on the Cottonwood Trail, Easter celebration, Clemson Spring game, a trip south to see family (and the Terriers in Jacksonville!), and planting our summer garden.....and of course, general merriment and frolicing outside while it is warm (but not too warm) and sans bugs.

JR is getting taller, but remains squatty, and is chatting much more now. His vocabulary has doubled and it sounds like he is really trying to make sense of the English language. He is, of course, still precious. He has adjusted well going back to full time days at school and loves playing with his friends. He is still sports-obsessed, but has branched out to watching Elmo's World on t.v. (otherwise, he could care less about cartoon bears or talking dogs).
Enjoy the new posts....and keep those comments coming!