Monday, August 30, 2010

Interesting conversations with JR

This morning....

Me: "Good morning bubba! What would you like to eat for breakfast?"

JR: "Ummmm," (stopping to ponder--you can see him thinking) "I want poop."

Me: "Poop? For breakfast?"

JR: "Yeah (smiling now. because he knows how silly he is)."

Me: "That's gross, baby. We don't eat poop."

JR: "Yeah. from ou-side"

Me: "Not gonna happen, J. Pick something else."

JR: "Why?"

Me: "Because we don't eat poop. It's yucky."

JR: "Oh. Oh-tay. I want snack."

For the record, he next asked for an icy pop but settled for applesauce, which he only half-ate because he then asked for yogurt.


Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Countdown to football season: Terrier Tales Event 2010

Terrier Tales Reading Program Kick-off Party was held by the Wofford College athletic department at the Spartanburg County Public Libraries tonight to celebrate "Terrier Tales." The event featured interactive games for kids, and we had a chance to meet several Wofford football players, including Mike Rucker, Pat Illig, Clark Bishop, Trey Johnson, Ben Wilmoth, Jared Singleton, and Eric Breitenstein (whose #7 jersey is shared by JR)!. JR had a blast showing off his football skills--throwing the ball, catching, running, and tackling. The best part was giving the players high fives! He impressed the big boys!
Prediction: Tall like Daddy....O-LINE all the way. Mommy's shorty genes: FULLBACK
Wofford, Class of 2030

August in pictures

So here's August in JR's world.

Playgrounds and trains


Starting a new school!


Sunday, August 8, 2010

Golf and veggies

JR and I picked our last bounty of the summer season...our final squash zucchini and watermelon. JR took a break from teeing up his golf swing to help.

JR the builder

Remsen's Sunday project was to make a cornhole set for the upcoming football season. After JR's nap, he decided to pitch in and "help" and had some fun with tools.

JR and Tay-die

JR loves Sadie. And Sadie tolerates JR.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Choo choo tRain

Does anyone else love the IKEA trainset as much as my child? I don't think so! He plays with these every day and never tires of them. Wearing funny hats during train play is just a bonus.