Friday, February 24, 2012

NYC Part Deux

We just love NYC!

NYC Trip!

Have you ever seen anything so delicious? Sunday brunch at The Garage--Greenwich Village

JR playing with his cousin Sam! They just loved each other!

Cousin Lucia and handsome Sam!

Just loving on Baby Sam!

Playground @ Washington Square Park, NYC

Birthday Boy is 4 years old!


The birthday boy was VERY decisive about his cake: Chocolate, with vanilla icing and red polka dots. Taste-testing was, perhaps, the best part!

The pre-party was spent overnight at Great Wolf Lodge. He loved the waterpark!

Bathtime after the waterpark...four looks good, even in this reflection!

Now back to that cake....this piece is fit for the king! YUM-MY! And the leftovers?
JR says, "I want to save dat for later!"

Bring it on 2012!!!

Family time in December...aka, a great way to end the year!

We had a wonderful end to our 2011...full of friends, family, and memories!

Playground times with BFF Elliott!

Best buddies...daddy and son!

Fun times with my Emme!

And Nana and Pop?! Look at those smiles!

And a trip to Douglas, GA to see Grandmother and PawPa!! ALright!

The Magic of Christmas

The Parrish family has had a busy winter--full of fun trips and celebrations! We want to share the highlights (aka, in pictures) without boring you with all of the stories, so here they are! Hopefully, the captions will do justice!

Christmas was a joyful time, especially in the eyes of JR! He got to spend amazing time with grandparents and got cool toys, too!

Making music with my new horn!

Outfitted with Christmas PJs and Zurg's ion blaster!

Self-portrait of a happy Christmas Eve!

Meeting Santa at Grandmother and PawPa's House!