Friday, September 11, 2009


Words cannot describe the joy of watching a little kid in a costume. JR truly acted like Superman when we put on (half) of his new costume. He was running around so much that we couldn't get his red shorts on.

Kisses for the Raulersons...all around!

JR was not stingy with his goodbye kisses on our recent visit to Aunt Christine's house for a yummy lunchtime cookout! Here, JR doles out kisses to Sheree, Aunt Evelyn, and Aunt Christine....
Below, Becca poses with cousin Mark

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Labor Day Weekend 2009!

What a great trip we had down to Florida for Labor Day weekend! We flew Alligient from GSP to Orlando/Sanford airport and headed to Lakeland to stay with friends Jaime and Chris (and son Emery) before heading to the Wofford v. USF game on Saturday at Raymond James Stadium. We had a blast with friends and family...even if our Terriers lost to the Bulls! Sunday we had a great cookout with the Raulerson family and then got to see the Lamars that night! We didn't get to see ALL of the family friends that we wanted to see, but that just means we can plan for another trip in the future! It was a fabulous trip....many thanks to Jaime and Chris for their awesome hospitality!

Parrish family at the tailgate!

Becca, Jaime, and the boys at the game


Emery loves the Terrier!

Boys in the back of the car at the tailgate

Will post pictures of the Raulerson family visit later!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Back into the swing of things!

Before you get all excited, just stop. We have no pictures to post today.

We can tell you about JR's first week back at school (last week), marking his official move from the baby room to the Toddler Room. He is a big boy now, eating lunch at a teeny table with all of his friends, time on the playground and napping on a little mat! Moving up also means dealing with very serious matters, such as attacks from a class bully (on the first day of school, no less). Luckily, teachers Sarah and Dudley seem to have nipped the bully in the bud, so no more acts of violence and "incident reports"! We get a daily report and now a weekly newsletter on the curriculum (they are studying the story Brown Bear, Brown Bear, what do you see and are learning all about animals (noises, colors, habitats, diets).

JR continues to be one with a BALL. He is not a ball snob, any 'ol ball will do. Any size or shape, he will throw, kick, and now (his newest trick)...hit with a mini-baseball bat. This is is very favorite activity du jour, and he gets very upset when you suggest any other activity instead. I caught him on video showing off his baseball skills and will upload the video soon and post a link here on the blog!