Tuesday, July 20, 2010

JR version 2.5

Apologies for the long absence. We've been busy bees lately. After getting back from our family vacation at Edisto, we had my 33rd birthday celebration and were excited that Dad and Joan could be in Spartanburg to help me celebrate! We had a big weekend, which included a trip to Gramling Farms! We pet a pony and took a carriage ride, too. JR had a blast! Many thanks to Grandmother Joan for sending us the pictures above!
On Sunday, Mom and John hosted a lovely birthday breakfast, and then Remsen and JR took me to Greenville for dinner and a Greenville Drive game! Even though the game got rained out, we had a super fun time! Plus, my big present was a flip video camera, so I am working on figuring out how that works and hope to upload some videos soon!
JR is 2 1/2! He has really started talking and singing. The transition from vacation back to preschool has been very hard for him though, especially at drop off. He'll be moving to a new school in August, so I hope this stage passes quickly! We've been swimming a lot at the Spartanburg Athletic Club pool, and JR LOVES the water. He will jump off the side of the pool into the water (usually wearing water wings but sometimes without!) and is getting really great at kicking. We have to drag him out of the water. His love for trains also continues to grow and he still watches one episode of Elmo's World just before bed. JR is silly and active and sits back and watches other kids in social situations. He is a super athletic and still has a great gap-toothed grin. We just love him to pieces!

AccessHealth Spartanburg opens its doors on Monday, and work has been crazy. We were featured on the local news on Friday night in a piece about the huge number of uninsured patients and the long waiting lists at our free clinics. It is an overwhelming issue to tackle, and I am excited to be part of the solution. Unfortunately, the work won't wait....so I am signing off for now!